about us

We are a young company with a specialisation in accompanied adventure tours in Africa with your own motorbike. In recent years, we have taken part in several motorbike tours and accompanied tours as guides.

With zebrafari.de we offer accompanied Africa Enduro Tours with your own motorbike and support vehicle.

From the end of 2022 until January 2023, we were on our first Namibia „classic“ Tour and more tours are planned.

zebrafari Begleitfahrzeug MAN 4x4 Truck

Josef Schuler


former guide of MuzToo and expert also for big machines

Clemens Bail


Africa fan and former Explo-Tours, Explo-Tours-JZ and MuzToo participant

Josef Schuler


Clemens Bail


History and concept of the tours

In terms of concept, Explo-Tours GmbH was the inspiration, having operated motorcycle tours on various continents for many years. The Swiss tour operator MuzToo took over Explo-Tour's Africa business in 2018, but had to cease operations in 2020 due to Corona.
The Asia tours have been operated since 2021 by AlaToo Moto under https://www.alatoo-moto.com weitergeführt.

Concept our Akrika tours with own motorcycle

The focal points of the tried-and-tested concept include:

+ driving as freely as possible
+ without big luggage
+ with your own motorbike
+ on an escorted tour with support vehicle

With your own Enduro, you can set off on an African motorbike tour with adventure character. We travel in daily stages and in small groups that find themselves, ride and navigate together. GPS routes and, if necessary, alternative routes will be provided and discussed in advance.

Discover Africa with us on your own bike. To make this kind of motorbike trip possible for you, we take care of the transport including all formalities.

The larger luggage (camping equipment, tools, spare parts, etc.) travels in the support vehicle, so you only need to have the essentials on the bike.

Concept partner for tours in South America

We share our travel concept with Explo-Tours-JZ by Jürgen Zink, who has been very successfully offering accompanied tours with his own motorbike in South America for several years.

His offer for Südamerikareisen mit Deinem eigenen Motorrad you will find under www.explo-tours-jz.com.

Tel. +49 173 9148 674

Partner for Asia-tours

We also have a partnership with the AlaToo AG from Switzerland, which in the aftermath of MuzToo continues with Asia-tours with rental motorcycles offers.

AlaToo focuses on Central Asia and the Silk Road in this regard.

Tel. +41 71 570 61 73