Our services in detail

Free riding on an accompanied adventure motorbike tour in Africa. With your own bike!

This immediately raises a number of questions:
How can this work?
What about the luggage?
Isn't transport expensive and complicated?

What does free driving actually mean?

What is the difference between an accompanied tour and a guided tour?

We offer you as an organiser of Afrika motorbike tours with your own motorcycle an Enduro experience of a special kind.

Motorcyclists are as individual as their bikes. That's why we take your Enduros on tour with us! When preparing the bike, everyone can set their priorities as they wish.
Den Transport des Motorrades inklusive der Zollformalitäten übernehmen wir.

On the subject of free driving:
Large luggage travels in the support vehicle and you only need the bare essentials on the bike!
And free riding for us also means an accompanied adventure tour. We ride in small groups according to GPS routes instead of single file.

container shipping

  • Loading about 6-8 weeks before departure
  • First meeting with tour information and getting to know the group with many opportunities for exchange
  • Clarification of many questions about the tour
  • After the tour, we meet again at the container unloading and first photos/videos can be exchanged
  • Wir kümmern uns um die Verschiffung und die Zoll-Formalitäten

Accompanied motorcycling

  • Good service and driving freedom
  • Driving in a train (single file) only in the city and if necessary
  • Daily briefing (is mandatory) and evening meetings
  • like-minded riders find each other and ride together


  • maps
  • GPS data of the route with meeting points
  • Route variants offer the choice of different routes or levels of difficulty
  • through GPS routes more safety and at the same time freedom for the whole group!
  • small groups ride and navigate together
  • Meetings at agreed coordinates

support vehicle

  • The „mothership“ transports the camping equipment, spare parts, tools, food/catering, water, fuel
  • Telephone connection (also for organization in case of problems)
  • The experienced crew and support vehicle can solve your problem in the desert
  • on certain routes (e.g. Namibia Kaoko/Damara Land) an additional jeep accompanies us because the truck cannot drive all routes