Kenya – Uganda 2023

Season 2023/2024 Tour II

Kenya – Uganda 2023

Start & Finish: Mombasa, Kenya

geplanter Zeitraum: 28.12.2023 – 25.01.2024
(abgesagt aufgrund höherer Gewalt – Anfrage Details)

Difficulty level: S1-S2 (opt./selektiv S3, details)

Accommodation: Hotel/guesthouse, camping

Kilometers driven approx. 5,100 km, of which approx. 2,000 km are slopes

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tour details

– Kenya –

Day 1: Arrival in Mombasa
Arrival, getting to know each other and dinner

Day 2: Mombasa
Unloading and setting up the motorcycles in Mombasa

Along the coast to the south

— Tanzania —

Day 3: Goal: Tanga
Large port city with a colonial past

Day 4: Usambara Mountains
through a sea of curves (who likes)
Great views from the Irente viewpoint

Day 5: Destination: Marangu
Pure nature in the Pare Mountains
Camp at the foot of Kilimanjaro

Day 6: Kili round
The big mountain from different perspectives

Day 7: Arusha
Mt Meru Forest Reserve
Arusha National Park
Visit Meserani Snake Park

8th + 9th Tag: Karatu
opt. Safari in Serengeti Park
Detour Ngorogoro Crater
On slopes to Lengai volcano and
the hot Lake Natron
opt. Break and "Refuel"

Day 10: Singida
on slopes through the Kidero Mountains
Overnight in Singida

Day 11: Kigosi
through the Kigosi wildlife park
wild camp before the border

– Ruanda –

Day 12: Kayonza - Murambi
Suddenly everything is different
a completely different world in Rwanda
along the Virunga volcanoes

– Uganda –

13. Day: KisoroBunyonyi Lake
Enduro hiking north
rainforest at the equator

Day 14 + 15: Bunyonyi Lake
A boat tour on the lake
through the so-called Switzerland of Africa

Day 16: Kabale
Hippo safari in Queen Elizabeth Park

Day 17: Kazinga Channel
Fort Portal - Kasese
Ruwenzori Forest Reserve
opt. Detour to Lake Albert

Day 18: Still heading north
Kasese-Kibale GR
through plantations of all kinds

19th + 20th Day: Lake Victoria
long stage to Jinja on Lake Victoria
Bujagali Falls at the sources of the Nile

Day 21: Elgon
Sipi cases
around Elgon Mt.

– Kenya –

Day 22: Lake Bogoria
possible detour
Lake Nakuru with countless flamingos

23.+24. Day: Mt Kenya
Aberdare Mts.
opt. Mount Kenya circumnavigation
once over the equator

Day 25: Nairobi
vibrant life in the metropolis
Time for culture, country and people

Day 26 Voi
A safari in Tasvo National Park would be worthwhile

Day 27: Mombasa Beach
Relaxation on the palm beach

Day 28: Farewell dinner, tour end
Loading the motorcycles
Tour end, departure

subject to changes

Overview map of the tour

* Source: Google Maps
** Presentation without variants and options - let yourself be surprised - we reserve the right to make minor changes

· Tour infos Kenia – Uganda 2023 ·

What makes our tours special?

In terms of concept, Explo-Tours GmbH was the godfather, which has carried out motorcycle tours of this type for many years.

The focal points of the tried-and-tested concept include:

+ driving as freely as possible

+ without big luggage

+ with your own motorbike

+ on an escorted tour with support vehicle

Join us on Your Enduro adventure Kenya – Uganda.

Die Route der geplanten Kenia – Uganda Tour 2023/2024 führt von Mombasa (Kenia) in Richtung Süden und über Tanga nach Tansania in die Usambara-Berge mit einer tollen Aussicht am Irente Viewpoint.
Von Marangu am Fuße des Kilimanjaro geht es auf eine Kili-Rundtour and weiter zum Arusha National Park. In der Folge liegen der Ngorongoro-Krater und der Lake Nagtron auf dem Weg.

Über Singida und Kigosi erreichen wir Ruanda und plötzlich ist alles anders.

Bald überfahren wir den Äquator, passieren den Bunyonyi-See und den Queen Elizabeth-Park. Noch weiter Richtung Norden geht es zum Victoria-See und zu den Quellen des Nils.

In Kenia erwarten uns Lake Bogoria und Nakuru oder der Mt. Kenia.

Der Weg nach Mombasa führt über Nairobi und Voi.

· Particularities ·

Accompanied motorcycling

  • Good service and driving freedom
  • Driving in a train (single file) only in the city and if necessary
  • Daily briefing (mandatory), evening meeting
  • like-minded drivers form groups

container shipping

  • Loading about 6-8 weeks before departure
  • First meeting with tour information and getting to know the group with many opportunities for exchange
  • Clarification of many questions about the tour

support vehicle

  • 4×4 truck with ample storage space
  • The "mother ship" transports the camping equipment, spare parts, tools, food, water, fuel "for emergencies"
  • Telephone connection (also for organization in case of problems)
  • The experienced crew and support vehicle can solve your problem in the desert


  • maps
  • GPS data of the route with meeting points
  • through GPS routes more safety and at the same time freedom for the whole group!
  • small groups meet at agreed coordinates
· Our services ·


  • Support vehicle for luggage, equipment, etc.
  • Container transport of the motorcycles including basic transport insurance
    – please check and increase if necessary; for more information see tour info.
  • German and English speaking tour guide
  • Overnight stays in hotel/guesthouse only at the beginning and possibly at the end of the tour (no entitlement to single rooms!)
  • Breakfast / dinner from the galley
  • Campsite fees, including outdoor camps
  • Provision of tools, fuel and water canisters
  • Detailed tour information for travel preparation
  • Map material and GPS maps and routes for Garmin
  • mostly daily briefing with route information and suggestions

Not included

  • the motorcycle
    – Light, reliable(!) single or twin cylinders up to 200kg recommended (the lighter, the easier for you); 300 km range required
    – big machines, boxers etc. are welcome
  • Enduro protective clothing (e.g. helmet, jacket, armor, knee pads, boots, gloves, etc.)
  • Insurance, visa fees and flights
  • Surcharges for single rooms in hotels/guesthouses/lodges and additional overnight stays
  • Gasoline for refueling the motorcycles
  • Park entrance fees, costs for safaris, balloon rides, etc.
  • Alcoholic beverages and individual expenses for souvenirs, food etc.
  • large, very heavy luggage, spare parts only on request (even the truck does not have an infinite amount of space, so please agree who will take what with you!)

minimum requirements

  • Adequate fitness
  • good health and mental condition
  • Sufficient driving skills (difficulty S1-S2, details)
  • No sand experience required, but may be beneficial for a few passages (opportunity to practice on day one)
  • Respectful behavior towards country, people and nature
  • Tolerance for possible surprises on our adventure trips (e.g. delays due to breakdowns or tour changes due to weather changes)
  • see tour book for more information

Please bring your own

  • Tent, sleeping bag and mat
  • Other camping gear (pegs, flashlight, etc.)
  • Photo/video equipment (incl. memory cards, films, etc.)
  • Toiletries, sun protection (hat, cap, sunscreen etc.)
  • GPS device (e.g. Garmin) strongly recommended (at least for the "navigators" among you; you will receive GPS maps, coordinates and tracks from us before the tour)
  • Maps of Namibia (e.g. Reise Know-How, Tracks4Africa)
  • see tour book for more information