Namibia 2025

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Brandberg – Damaraland – Kaokoland – Etosha – Spitzkoppe – Gamsberg Pass – Solitaire and many more. 

Discover Namibia on a "classic" tour with your own motorbike

· Saison 2025/2026 Tour I ·

Namibia "classic" 2025

Start and finish: Walvis Bay Namibia
Zeitraum: 24.11. – 22.12.2025 (vorläufig)

Difficulty level: S2-S3 (details)

Accommodation: Hotel/guest house, lots of camping

Driving kilometres approx. 5,500 km, of which approx. 4,500 km are on gravel

Price driver: €4,989
Price passenger: €4,189

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tour details

Getting to Walvis Bay
Arrival, getting to know each other and dinner

Day 1: Destination: Swakopmund
Unloading and getting the bikes ready in Walvis Bay
First sand exercises and maybe a cake in Swakopmund?

Day 2: Elephant Rock
Cape Cross, on slopes or off-road in the direction of Brandberg

Day 3 Brandberg
A big lap around the Brandberg or sightseeing

Day 4: Palmwag
Track or off-road to Palmwag, optional: visit Twyfelfontein

Day 5: Ganamub
Rest at Sesfontein wild camp in a tributary of the Hoanib

Day 6: Purros
On the slopes or in the Hoanib to Purros

7th +8th Day: Marble Camp
Via Orupembe or off-road to Marble Camp
Optional Marienfluss Valley and Rooidrom Pass

Day 9: Opuwo
demanding route to Opuwo

Day 10: Epupa Falls
On slope to Kunene, bath in Epupa Falls

Day 11 Kunene
Along the Kunene, rest at Kunene River Lodge, camp by the river

Day 12: Depart south
To Ruacana and then south (course still open)

Day 13: Etosha
Over various slopes and through farmland to Etosha

14. Day: rest or safari
Etosha Safari or relax at Safari Camp

Day 15 Erongo
on dirt road and tar

Day 16: Spitzkoppe
Bush hike with San (“Bushman”) possible

Day 17 Bush Camp
to the BushCamp on the edge of the Namib Desert

Day 18: Namib Naukluft
Slopes on the edge of the Namib Naukluft Park

Day 19: Tsauchab River
over various passes to Solitaire

Day 20: Helmeringhausen
flat/fast slopes to Hotel H.

21.+22. Tag: Fish River
Round trip, visit to the Fish River Canyon
Relaxation at Canyon Roadhouse

Day 23: Outbound or out
even more slopes or desert horse camp

Day 24: Off/Lüderitz
free day or visit/trip to Kolmanskop/Lüderitz

25th + 26th Tag: Sesriem
free day or visit/trip to Kolmanskop/Lüderitz
Visit Dead & Sossusvlei

Day 27: Swakopmund
back to Swakopmund, farewell dinner

Day 28: Walvis Bay
Loading of the motorcycles, end of the tour, departure

We reserve the right to make changes

Note: We will drive the tour in this direction or in the opposite direction

Overview map of the tour​

Namibia Tour 20222 Google-Maps

* Source: Google Maps
** Presentation without variants and options – let yourself be surprised – we reserve the right to make minor changes

Entry requirements for Namibia

Current information on entering Namibia:

If necessary, please inquire before booking.

· Tour Info Namibia 2025 ·

What makes our tours special?

In terms of concept, Explo-Tours GmbH was the godfather, which has carried out motorcycle tours of this type for many years.

The focal points of the tried-and-tested concept include:

+ driving as freely as possible

+ without big luggage

+ with your own motorbike

+ on an escorted tour with support vehicle

Special feature of this tour:

On the Namibia "classic" 2025, an additional guide from Namibia will accompany us on certain routes with his jeep, as our 4×4 truck cannot drive all routes.

We look forward to the exchange.

Dieses zweite Begleitfahrzeug mehr Sicherheit und Flexibilität auf der Tour.

Features Namibia "classic" Tour 2025

Accompanied motorcycling

  • Good service and driving freedom
  • Driving in a train (single file) only in the city and if necessary
  • Daily briefing (mandatory), evening meeting
  • like-minded drivers form groups

container shipping

  • Loading about 6-8 weeks before departure
  • First meeting with tour information and getting to know the group with many opportunities for exchange
  • Clarification of many questions about the tour

support vehicle

  • 4×4 truck with ample storage space
  • Additional backcountry escort vehicle at least in the Kaokoland/Damaraland regions
  • The "mother ship" transports the camping equipment, spare parts, tools, food, water, fuel "for emergencies"
  • Telephone connection (also for organization in case of problems)
  • The experienced crew and support vehicle can solve your problem in the desert


  • maps
  • GPS data of the route with meeting points
  • through GPS routes more safety and at the same time freedom for the whole group!
  • small groups meet at agreed coordinates
  • At least one GPS device per group required
  • Own GPS device not required, but may be very advantageous
· Our services ·


  • Support vehicle for luggage, equipment, etc.
  • Container transport of the motorcycles including basic transport insurance
    – please check and increase if necessary; for more information see tour info.
  • German and English speaking tour guide
  • Overnight stays in hotel/guesthouse only at the beginning and possibly at the end of the tour (no entitlement to single rooms!)
  • Breakfast / dinner from the galley
  • Campsite fees, including outdoor camps
  • Provision of tools, fuel and water canisters
  • Detailed tour information for travel preparation
  • Map material and GPS maps and routes for Garmin
  • mostly daily briefing with route information and suggestions

Not included

  • the motorcycle
    – Light, reliable(!) single cylinders up to 200kg strongly recommended (the lighter, the easier for you); 300 km range required
    – big machines, boxers etc. on request (sand experience with the machine required!)
  • Enduro protective clothing (e.g. helmet, jacket, armor, knee pads, boots, gloves, etc.)
  • Insurance, visa fees and flights
  • Surcharges for single rooms in hotels/guesthouses/lodges and additional overnight stays
  • Gasoline for refueling the motorcycles
  • Park entrance fees, costs for safaris, balloon rides, etc.
  • Alcoholic beverages and individual expenses for souvenirs, food etc.
  • large, very heavy luggage, spare parts only on request (even the truck does not have an infinite amount of space, so please agree who will take what with you!)

bei Namibia

minimum requirements

  • Adequate fitness
  • good health and mental condition
  • Sufficient driving skills (difficulty S2-S3, off-road selectively up to S4, details)
  •  Experience in the sand ideal but not essential (opportunity to practice on the first day)
  • Respectful behavior towards country, people and nature
  • Tolerance for possible surprises on our adventure trips (e.g. delays due to breakdowns or tour changes due to weather changes)
  • see tour book for more information

Please bring your own

  • Tent, sleeping bag and mat
  • Other camping gear (pegs, flashlight, etc.)
  • Photo/video equipment (including films, memory cards, etc.)
  • Toiletries, sun protection (hat, cap, sunscreen etc.)
  • GPS device (e.g. Garmin) strongly recommended (at least for the "navigators" among you; you will receive GPS maps, coordinates and tracks from us before the tour)
  • Maps of Namibia (e.g. Reise Know-How, Tracks4Africa)
  • see tour book for more information
Enquiry or booking
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About drivers and driving skills

Please evaluate your skills in detail if you want..

Namibia 2025

Data passport and travel options

(Total transport value of the motorcycle including attachments, suitcases, etc., but WITHOUT bags, luggage, etc.)

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